| December 13, 2015

This probably isn’t going to be anything like you are expecting- it’s more of a “cartoon” than something that is meant to look realistic so it’s not very good. Everything you see in mine is completely computer generated. The thing you saw on TV was probably just the robot that was computer generated and the rest was actual real video. Anyway, there are a lot of parts in mine that I would change but it takes SO long to save, I am just showing you the original one. Anyway, the second video is my video of how I made it- it’s about 15 mins long so you don’t have to watch it if that’s too long. It really just goes through a few of the steps- I have to leave a lot out but I think it will give you the basic idea.

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Sandspitter fish is mad

| February 1, 2014

It was hard to catch him being crazy. Every time I would get near the tank to take video of him, he would stop. This first video shows him trying to pull on the flowers and then trying to bite the glass. I was able to use my regular camera so it’s bigger. The second video is very small because I used my phone and you’ll have to watch it a couple of times to see him pull on the flower.

video of baby fish

| June 1, 2013

You can barely see him at first, then he hides. After big fish leaves, wait a few seconds and then he comes out.

baby fish

| May 20, 2013

I made this one big because he/she is SO small- look on left side of picture right next to green brush looking thing.

up close

2 babies

blue one

Crazy fish

| January 25, 2013

Yellow fish and catfish fighting-

Yellow fish “digging out sand”-

Here are 2 pictures to show how yellow fish has dug holes and covered up the cave and log. Hope you are able to see it.

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