Mobile phone

I got a smartphone for christmas this year. I wasn’t sure I’d like it but I’ve definitely gotten hooked. It justs makes things a lot easier. Since accessing the internet is possible now, I thought I’d try posting from the phone…just to see if it would be practical for adding new comments on my website. It will work for things that don’t require much typing like quick photos I take and want to share. Definitely not gonna be worth adding regular posts. Anyway, I guess I was just hoping to find a way to force myself to add more stuff to the site. Oh well. Guess I’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way. Stay tuned!

Husky w/ short legs

Once again, I’ve taken a long absence from posting anything new. I’ve thought about things I want to write or share many times. It just never makes it to my site. Wow, if I remembered to post all the things that go through my head, people would definitely think I’m crazy. Maybe it is better for me to just keep them to myself…ha, ha. Anyway, here’s today’s post:
A co-worker has a dog named Chloe. She is a corgi. I’ve seen pictures of her and she’s absolutely one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen (second to my Eli though). Anyway, we talk about our pets a lot and have shared many of our experiences owning four legged friends. The other day, I showed him a photo of my halloween pumpkin that I carved this year (I’ll put that in a different post). I used a siberian husky stencil to carve it. It turned out great in my opinion. So, he joked and wanted to know if I could find a “corgi stencil”. At that point, I set out on a mission.
I searched the internet thinking it shouldn’t be that hard. No such luck. It seems that you can find a stencil for every other dog breed except for corgis. I thought for a minute and decided to try to make my own stencil from a regular photo. With photoshop open and a cute picture of a corgi, I got started. Not as easy as I thought it was going to be. I continued trying, determined that I would make it work. I finally gave in and admitted defeat.
Despite my failure, I did find something that turned out to be really cool! Here’s a picture of a corgi/husky mix. I never knew there was such thing! How adorable–I just had to share this with my co-worker. I hope you all think it’s cool too.

LOST vs. everything else

Do these numbers mean anything to you?  If so, the title of my post will make perfect sense to you.  If not, read on..

So, I didn’t keep my promise from the last post…to update the site more frequently. The problem is that I spend a lot of my time watching LOST episodes from the DVD collection. My obsession with the show is unbelievable! I honestly can’t remember any other show that drew me in the way this one did.  I’ve decided to incorporate my love for LOST and my desire to keep my website up to date. How? …use the site to talk about the show (of course). I may even add a specific page on the site dedicated to nothing but LOST!! I know there is no shortage of websites out there doing the same thing. That’s okay…this one is really just for me anyway. Besides, I’ve managed to give my website a “new look”…all while watching each episode, over and over again.

Been a long time…

I haven’t added any new material in a LONG time. Sorry about that. It’s been a little hectic in my life for a while (work stuff, health stuff, etc.). I’m hoping all of that will calm down now since I’ve had surgery and have a new found desire to “stop stressing” about work. It’s just not worth it…not worth my health. So, I’m hoping that I’ll have more time to add new stuff to this site. It really is something I’m proud of and want to use it to keep everyone updated with my thoughts, photos and videos that I feel the need to share. Stay tuned…I’m hoping I’ll keep this promise 🙂

Happy Halloween!

I couldn’t let Halloween go by without posting a quick message. Wish I could be giving out candy tonight, however, I’m required to work. Fun, fun! I’ll be out checking on all my “special” clients to make sure they aren’t trick or treating with children. It always makes for a long night. Just hope everyone is on their best behavior!

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