LOST vs. everything else

| January 9, 2011

Do these numbers mean anything to you?  If so, the title of my post will make perfect sense to you.  If not, read on..

So, I didn’t keep my promise from the last post…to update the site more frequently. The problem is that I spend a lot of my time watching LOST episodes from the DVD collection. My obsession with the show is unbelievable! I honestly can’t remember any other show that drew me in the way this one did.  I’ve decided to incorporate my love for LOST and my desire to keep my website up to date. How? …use the site to talk about the show (of course). I may even add a specific page on the site dedicated to nothing but LOST!! I know there is no shortage of websites out there doing the same thing. That’s okay…this one is really just for me anyway. Besides, I’ve managed to give my website a “new look”…all while watching each episode, over and over again.

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