My geocaches at Harris Lake

Kayaking…and…geocaching!  Two of my favorite things.  I decided it was my turn to start hiding some “yak” caches at Harris Lake.  If nothing else, I’d at least have more excuses for making trips to the lake with my kayak.  So, here are some photos and a video of the geocaches I hid.

Cache name: “You’re gonna have to PULL!”
This one was hard to film with my camera and retrieve the cache at the same time. Just for reference, the tree it’s attached to is one that fell into the water following a tornado several years ago. The angle of the video might not make that evident but the pictures should help.

Cache name: “Fuzzy Hotdogs”

Cache name: “Orange Bullseye”

Cache name: “Funny Surprise”

Cache name: “You want me to drink THAT?”

Cache name: “Cutting Trees”

Cache name: “Where are we?”

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