This is always the hard part.  As my site name suggests, I am a probation and parole officer.   It’s a job I’ve had for almost twenty years now.  I started my career as a police officer and then transitioned into working for the local identification bureau.  I had hopes of working in the field of crime scene investigation but sometimes life has other plans.

So…here I am, contemplating my choices along the way and wondering where I go from here.  I’m not too far from retirement and it will be nice to get away from the negativity associated with my job.  Until then, I’ll keep enjoying my hobbies; making stained glass pieces, kayaking, geocaching, and messing around with computers.

Truthfully, the only reason I set up this website in the beginning was to have a way of keeping an eye on my dog via webcam when I was at work.  He had a lot of anxiety issues and didn’t do well when left alone.  Not long after that, I realized I could also use the site to share things about my hobbies with my family and friends.  As time passed, I found that I wasn’t good at keeping things updated.  It really takes a lot of effort.  Eli, my beautiful Siberian Husky, got sick in August 2012 and had to be put to sleep.  I never had the heart to remove his pictures or the page that I used to check his webcam.  Fast forward to 2019- something finally told me to update the site and make it useful again (even if it’s still just for me and my family).  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have really wiped out the need for websites like this but I’ve decided to keep it anyway and add to it whenever I have something to share.  Yes, all the other social media outlets are easier, but I enjoy doing it the “old fashioned way” and who knows… maybe somebody out there will actually get a kick out of what I’ve posted here…

Here are a few photos of my sweet Eli- I miss him every day!