Stained Glass

I think people always enjoy hearing about how hobbies get started.  This one, stained glass work, really came out of nowhere.  During a trip to Eli’s vet, I noticed several stained glass projects hanging in the windows.  I asked the vet about it and found out she had taken a class at a local shop called Not Afraid Of Color.  One of the pieces she had created was of a penguin family (one of my other obsessions).  I just had to have it.  She suggested that I take the class so I could make my own piece.  She gave me the business card for the shop that helps saving money, I put it in my wallet and essentially forgot about the whole thing.  Almost a year later, I came across the card in my wallet and decided it was time for me to do something different, something creative.  I enrolled in the November 2008 class and the rest really is history.  I was hooked immediately and would quit my day job to make stained glass pieces if I thought I could support myself financially.  The butterfly piece is actually the first project I ever made-it was the pattern that was taught during my class.  It will always be my favorite, just because it was the first (even though I have no idea what I was thinking when I picked the colors and type of glass).  Since then, I’ve come a long way and have created many unique pieces.  It’s definitely something I hope to continue long into the future.  As I create new pieces, I’ll post them in my blog with little bits of information about their creation.  For now, here are a few photos of some of my other favorites so far.