Addition to the family

I decided to start an aquarium.  Here are a few photos of the new fish.  I’ve also added a short video of them. You see most of the fish in the video except for the catfish (he hides 99% of the time).  They are all very young so they still aren’t very big yet.

Sandspitter fish is mad

My fish named “Sandspitter” is definitely a unique pet!  He has some really strange behaviors.  It’s usually hard to catch him being crazy on video but I was able to get a few quick examples.  This first video shows him trying to pull on the flowers and then trying to bite the glass. I was able to use my regular camera so it’s bigger. The second video is very small because I had to use my phone and you might have to watch it a couple of times to see him pull on the flower.

Baby fish

I noticed something weird in the fish tank the other day.  It appears that some of my new fish have had babies.  I learned the hard way that they won’t last long if you don’t separate them.  Apparently the adult fish ate them because they only lasted a few days.  It’s sad but at least I was able to get a few pictures and a short video before they were gone.


This video eventually shows one of the baby fish (you have to watch until the end).  He’s hiding in the log and you’ll see the adult fish swim around nearby (they give perspective for the size of the baby).

Crazy fish

I remember having goldfish at some point when I was growing up.  They basically just swam lazily in the tank.  When I decided to start an aquarium as an adult, I knew I wanted something different.  I had no idea what I was getting into with these crazy fish…

This is “Sandspitter” doing what he does best – digging and spitting out sand-


“Sandspitter” and “Catfish” fighting over the same hiding spot-

Here are 2 pictures to show how Sandspitter has dug holes and covered up the cave and log. Hope you are able to see it.