This hobby was something that I really didn’t know much about but decided to try it based on another hobby of mine (geocaching). Believe it or not, there are geocachers out there that hide caches which can only be reached by boat. I’ve always enjoyed being around the water and just thought it would be great to combine two enjoyable ways of passing time. So, needless to say, when the opportunity to purchase a kayak came my way, I couldn’t say no. I haven’t regretted my decision yet. It’s a peaceful experience to get out on the water and virtually go anywhere you would like. You aren’t held back due to shallow water, weed beds, or anything else. The kayak just floats wherever you want it to go. I’ll share some pictures here of my first outing and post some others in my photo album. Since the weather is turning cold now, I probably won’t be back out on the water until Spring. Once it warms up though, check back as I’ll post my experiences on my blog.