Not really sure where my love of woodworking came from- probably my dad.  He did the majority of all the work it took to build the house I grew up in, the cabin at Pleasant Grove campground, and our lakehouse.  I used to sneak down to his shop when I was younger and play with leftover pieces of wood.  I was never really good at making anything but it was always fun trying.
I’ve still tried to make small projects as an adult- I just don’t have the skill it takes to make the things I envision.  I’ve posted photos of some of the things that turned out okay (in my opinion).  I haven’t created anything in a while- I actually came close to losing a finger on the table saw last year and can’t get passed the fear of having a major accident.  For now, I’ll just stick to little stuff- things that I can cut with a miter saw or jigsaw- that’s definitely more my speed for the time being.