Not really sure where my love of woodworking came from- probably my dad.  He did the majority of all the work it took to build the house I grew up in, the cabin at Pleasant Grove campground, and our lakehouse which we got to build thanks to a local telescopic handler hire company. 

I used to sneak down to his shop when I was younger and play with leftover pieces of wood.  I was never really good at making anything but it was always fun trying. and learning things such as the differences between coach bolts and screws
I’ve still tried to make small projects as an adult- I just don’t have the skill it takes to make the things I envision.  I’ve posted photos of some of the things that turned out okay (in my opinion).  I haven’t created anything in a while- I actually came close to losing a finger on the table saw last year and can’t get passed the fear of having a major accident.  For now, I’ll just stick to little stuff- things that I can cut with a miter saw or jigsaw- that’s definitely more my speed for the time being. Then ill learn more for more complex projects like repairing wooden roofs such as local experts you can hire at https://homewaresinsider.com/for-all-your-roofing-contractor-needs-in-san-diego-area

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