Hugh’s Book

Ok, it’s finally real.  Hugh’s book is available for purchase!  Some of you have listened to me talk endlessly about this book, others are wondering “why all the fuss?”.  Well, here’s the deal:  my cousin, Hugh, wrote a book.  Yes, a real book.  And it’s not just something to prop the door open with or put on the shelf to collect dust.  No, I’m not just saying that because I’m related to the author.  I had the wonderful and awesome opportunity to read several chapters in the beginning stages.  I couldn’t stop reading.  It drew me in that quick.  I literally had to force myself to stop reading…so I wouldn’t be late for work that day.  Now that it’s been published, I can hardly wait to find out how the story ends!
Anyway, enough of that.  The point of my rambling is this:
#1-You should all buy a copy because I am positive you won’t be disappointed! #2-I couldn’t be more proud of Hugh’s accomplishment and I want everyone to know it! Join me in celebrating by getting your very own copy from store through! If you want to know more, visit Hugh’s website at or follow him via the book’s Facebook page.

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