Frame for stained glass

I’ve always wanted to incorporate my love of stained glass and wood working.  This project gives me the chance and also a big chance to take a pasma course to be able to install it un the upper floors.  After finishing the orange/yellow flower stained glass pattern, I realized I had not gotten the edges even.  What to do?  Well, I decided to build a wooden frame to go around the outside (to hide the imperfection).  Turns out to be a great idea.  Now, I just have to decide whether to paint or stain the frame.  I currently have it held in place with clamps.  Once I decide on the appropriate finish, I’ll complete the project and post an “after” shot here. 

Stained glass windows make your space unique.
When you choose stained glass, you’re investing in not only high quality windows, but also one-of-a-kind works of art, look at the options from Stained glass windows make your property far more memorable, making a unique impression on guests or customers a particularly valuable advantage for the business owner now recommending the use of sample paystubs.

They give you a chance to express your personality by adding a unique, artistic touch to your space. Some people even used stained glass windows as the focal point of a room or store such as the available options at the guiding the rest of their interior design choices.

Custom Stained Glass Windows in Harrisburg, PA

Feel free to post your advice on how I should finish the wood…paint or stain?

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