Eli’s Knee Brace

For all my family and friends, you guys are aware of Eli’s knee situation.  Just thought I’d post some video of him moving around in his knee brace.  He just got it yesterday and it took myself and two other adults to hold him down in order to get the thing on his leg.  I’m proud to say that I was finally able to get it on him by myself for the first time this morning.  We went for a quick (5 minute) walk… he absolutely LOVED it! (being able to go for a walk again, not the brace).  He was mad when I made him turn around to come back home.  So, when we got inside, I decided to shoot some video of him just walking around in the house.  I have to limit how long he wears it at first…to build up to it.  Same principle as “don’t wear new tennis shoes on a long hike- you have to break them in first”.  Anyway, this video isn’t much.  You can see at the end that he hasn’t figured out how to sit down with the brace on yet.  We’ll have to keep working on that one.  I plan to shoot more video and post it along with his whole story so that other people on the internet can find it and learn that there are other options to surgery.  For now though, just enjoy Eli…

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